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How to use aluminum film camping mat

Release time: 2020-04-14


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How to use aluminum film camping mat

The main material of aluminum film camping mat is EVA foamed, and its characteristic is moisture proof. It is comfortable sex is good, flexibility is good, toughness is strong, and more portable, the price is cheap also, it may be said is a moisture proof mat with high cost performance.

aluminum film camping mat

Aluminum film camping mat can be folded into the bag shape, easy to carry. Camping can be used as a camping mat. When laying on the grass or sand, it can waterproof, moisture proof, sand, and can keep food clothing clean again. It can also prevent harmful bacteria, such as insect ant durable. The aluminum film camping mat is a good partner to travel and leisure activities, leisure dish out the necessary thing in the world! Aluminum film camping mat can moisture-proof and heat preservation pad, it has environmental protection material. It has no odor and is no irritation to the skin. It is also easy to clean Aluminum film camping mat has the light weight and large unrolled area, it can be used by many people.

Aluminum film camping mat is easy to use. First, we cushion aluminum film camping mat, and then set up a tent. In other words, aluminum film camping mat should be placed under the tent, so as not to dirty the tent, and also to prevent the turf or other debris to scratch the tent. When we place the aluminum film camping mat, we should keep silver side down, prevent moisture from rising black side up, mainly anti-skid. While a thin mattress or sleeping bag on the mat can serve as the temperature insulation.

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