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The function of the swimming noodle

Release time: 2020-04-07


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The function of the swimming noodle

The design of the swimming noodle is simple. Do you know any other personalized functions? Make it yourself, and the swimming noodle can have seven unexpected functions.

swimming noodle

1. Mobile phone support rack

Select the swimming noodle with a larger solid diameter, and then cut a length of 10cm. With a knife and tools and cut half an arc from the center. Then dig two more channels. A mobile phone support rack is done.

2. Make the chair armrest more comfortable

The seat at home is too hard, you want to be more comfortable when you are relaxing. You just need to buy two swimming noodle and you don't need to replace a soft chair. But how to make it become real? To buy the swimming noodle with a hole and cut them into a spiral shape and then wrap it around your love chair from end to end. Look! It's much more beautiful and soft.

By the way, this can also be used in the corner of a table. If you have little children, you can kill two birds with one stone by wrapping the swimming noodle up.

3. Outdoor hanging flashlight

For those of you who like the outdoors, when you are camping or barbecuing outdoors, you can directly combine the flashlight with the swimming noodle and wrap the flashlight with the swimming noodle to make it night time Floodlight. Isn't that a surprise?

4. Heat isolation and insulation (water cup)

The advantage of EPE swimming noodle is the thermal insulation. By taking advantage of this feature, we can completely make a heat-releasing protective case of a homemade glass, which is fashionable and environmentally friendly, and we can make it quickly.

5. Protect wine bottles from breakage

Take a few bottles of wine with you when you go out for an outing. You are afraid that the delicious food will spill over in the bumpy mountain road. Try EPE swimming noodle to save your wine.

6. Sort out the fishing rod, broom, and laundry rod

There are always scattered clothes poles and fishing rods in the home, which affect the appearance. At this time, the remaining swimming noodle is used to improve, and they are tied up and packed in the corner of the room, which is very convenient to use.

7. Department of the curtain

In addition to using cloth, you can also use swimming noodle to tie curtains at home.

Our company is the EPE foam manufacturer. All of the company's equipment has been introduced by Korea and has strong technical strength. If you are interested in swimming noodle, welcome to contact with us!