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E-mail: JL351966@163.com

Address: Building 18, Yucun Village, Tangqi Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou (inside the Zhejiang Jianhua Group Industrial Park)

  Zhejiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Zhejiang Province specializing in research, development and production of EPE (EPE). Founded in 1992, former Asia Pacific Plastics Co., Ltd. (the company moved to Tangxi Jianhua Industrial Park in Yuhang District, Hangzhou and changed its name to Shengtai Plastics Co., Ltd.). All of the company's equipment has been introduced by Korea and has strong technical strength. It has been committed to the development and investment of new products based on market development and user demand for a long time. The product specifications are complete, can be customized into coils, plates, embossed sheets, pipes, bars, profiles according to user needs, and can also produce products with flame retardant, high temperature and antistatic properties according to user requirements.

  EPE (EPE) is soft, has good sound insulation, waterproof, thermal insulation properties, excellent cushioning, floating, shock resistance, excellent chemical stability, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The product has closed cells. The structure, which is extremely light in weight and extremely low in cost, is an ideal packaging material.

  EPE (EPE) is widely used in the lining of various bags, packaging of various items, such as: footwear, furniture, household goods, precision instruments, machinery...