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How to judge the quality of EPE foam sheet

Release time: 2020-04-21


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How to judge the quality of EPE foam sheet

Nowadays, the application of EPE foam is more and more widespread, and many businesses are willing to use EPE foam sheet as packaging materials.But do you know how to judge the quality of EPE foam sheet? You are the luckiest guy now! We would tell you the way to judge the quality of EPE foam sheet.

 EPE foam sheet

1. Check the softness

Only the soft strong EPE foam sheet material in the transport process can play a good protection of the product, this is the most important.


2. Check the insulation

A lot of products in the process of transportation is temperature requirements, if the temperature is not up to standard the effect of transportation is not good, it is likely to cause disputes between the two sides.


3. Check water resistance

Another important index of the EPE foam sheet is water resistance. Usually EPE foam sheet is independent bubble foam material, this standard is to let the product from the outside weather and climate.


4. Check the color

General EPE foam sheet is white. If there is turned to be yellow or black phenomenon, you  should be careful to buy.


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