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2019 hot sale swimming noodle

Release time: 2020-01-03


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2019 hot sale swimming noodle

Swimming noodle is an environmentally friendly product produced by EPE material. It is lightweight and can be used for outdoor swimming and children playing with water. Which types of  swimming rod popular with children in 2019 ?

EPE swimming noodle

First Popular :animal swimming noodle

The animal-shaped swimming noodle is a favorite swimming choice for children, because a variety of animals are very attractive to children's eyeballs, zebras, tigers, and lions. EPE pool noodles are children's favorite water equipment.

Second Popular :colorful EPE pool noodles

The colorful EPE pool noodles are loved by children, and children love rich colors, for manufacturers of swimming noodles. increase

The colors of EPE materials can be more pleasing to children

Third Popular : Flower shaped swimming noodle

It is natural for girls to like flower swimming noodles. Imagine that girl doesn't like flowers?

Our company has more than ten years of production experience. If you want to buy cheap swimming noodles, we provide a variety of styles, animal swimming noodle, children swimming noodle, horse swimming noodle, flower swimming noodle, etc. If you buy a large amount, you can also discount in batch buy. 

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