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New favorite of toys-EPE foam mats

Release time: 2020-02-19


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New favorite of toys-EPE foam mats
There are no unmovable children. When children grow up and are about to walk, children's play mats are the products that accompany children the most. The most important thing is that the climbing mats are safe to use, so that children can have fun and their families can rest assured.

Pearl cotton has a wide range of uses and can be processed and applied to various industries. Among them, EPE can be processed into children's crawl mats. EPE foam pad is not only odorless, non-toxic, light weight, but also flexible and cushioning, these are essential characteristics for children's toys.

In addition to the quality of Shengtai Plastic's lightweight EPE foam pads, there are also colorful colors and various shapes. Children's love of colors is born. We have designed beautiful colors in the eyes of our children. Our EPE playing mats have different thicknesses for different scenes, you can play, you can learn to walk, suitable for processing into a variety of sizes, to meet the expectations of each child for the game.