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The difference between EPE packaging materials and foam packaging materials

Release time: 2020-04-14


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The difference between EPE packaging materials and foam packaging materials

Although foam packaging materials still occupies a share in the market, but with the packaging effect of EPE packaging materials is gradually discovered. EPE packaging materials will gradually replace the foam packaging materials. The essential difference between EPE packaging materials and foam packaging materials is also an important reason for the difference between the use direction of foam packaging materials and EPE packaging materials.

EPE packaging materials

1. Different packaging effects

The fundamental difference between foam packaging materials and EPE packaging materials is that the packaging effect is different. The traditional foam packaging materials impact resistance, load resistance capacity is relatively low, and even very likely in the strong impact into debris; And EPE packaging materials is different, it is composed of countless independent bubbles, strong anti-buffer capacity, in the larger impact can also be through the toughness to ensure that no damage. In addition, the EPE packaging materials is less conductive than the foam packaging materials, so it is not easy to react to the static electricity generated by friction in the transport of goods, so in the packaging of high-precision electronic products usually do not have an impact on the electronic components.

2. The craft material is different

The foam packaging materials is made of foamable polystyrene, which is made of foaming by heating the mold. EPE packaging materials is made of low density polyethylene ester, through physical foaming, through the EPE packaging materials between the composite, cutting bed cut, into different thickness of different specifications of the plate.

3. The environmental protection effect is different

Nowadays, the country emphasizes environmental protection again and again, also in the strict investigation of environmental protection, because foam packaging materials is used once, often will be crushed into white particles, caused a more serious white pollution, and EPE packaging materials as a new environmental protection packaging material, its recyclability, environmental affinity is stronger, also more environmental protection.

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