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Advantage of die cut EPE foam packing

Release time: 2020-04-21


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Advantage of die cut EPE foam packing

Because of the special advantages, the EPE foam packing not only does not pollute the environment, but also can be recycled repeatedly. So EPE foam packing material is a new type of material and never decline. With the development and application of products, EPE foam material will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials. Today, we will talk about the advantage about one of the EPE foam packing which named die cut EPE foam packing.

 die cut EPE foam packing

1. Die cut EPE foam packing can thermal insulation and fire prevention


Since die cut EPE foam packing is made of special fire resistant materials and thermal insulation materials, the insulation performance of such packaging materials is better, especially for some users who have higher requirements for insulation. For some fireproof special product packaging, many manufacturers will first choose to have fireproof effect of EPE packaging instead of ordinary packaging materials.


2. Die cut EPE foam packing is resistance to friction and corrosion


An important reason for choosing die cut EPE foam packing is that it is resistant to wear and corrosion. Due to many products are afraid, afraid of wear and corrosion characteristics of earthquake, for users of the core, in the material increased wear resistance, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion special composition, design a suitable for different number of products of EPE packaging materials.The die cut EPE foam packing greatly reduced the rate of products in the process of transportation damage, indirect saving cost for the enterprise.


3. Die cut EPE foam packing has stronger materials


Another advantage of die cut EPE foam packing is that it is more firm for the product after packaging, and the product is not easy to fall off, which greatly reduces the product. In the process of transportation, damage occurs due to the fall off of the package. The advanced technology of die cut EPE foam packing material has better elasticity and toughness, which guarantees the fastness of EPE packaging to a great extent. Because it has better fire resistance, heat preservation, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as transport in the process of fastness and other three prominent advantages.


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