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Why is EPE Foam packing sheet so popular

Release time: 2020-04-21


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Why is EPE Foam packing sheet so popular

The research found that the EPE Foam packing sheet material in all walks of life has been relatively widespread, and the production and use of the material for the company to achieve better economic benefits, the results are very obvious. EPE Foam packing sheet with unique design is widely used in the packaging industry. Almost all fragile products like to use it as packaging material. But why EPE Foam packing sheet can be widely popular in the packaging industry? We will talk about it today.

EPE Foam packing sheet 

1. EPE Foam packing sheet can be customized according to the characteristics of the product


At present, fragile products enterprises have changed the "packaging is simple packaging for products" this traditional concept. Increased the investment of product image design and packaging design, not only to protect the role of products, but also to achieve beautiful and delicate packaging. EPE Foam packing sheet can change the packaging form of fragile products from single to single. According to its product types, quality, price, use and other different packaging strategy,  we can design different packaging specifications for the product.


2. EPE Foam packing sheet is a high-tech product


EPE Foam packing sheet material use high pressure low density polyethylene resin as the main raw material. After thermoplasticizing, adding butane foaming agent and extrusion foam molding products. Advanced technology make the production process of EPE Foam packing sheet without harmful toxic gas, so it is an environmental protection products. It has light quality, soft quality, impact resistance, non-toxic heat insulation and other excellent properties. For product protection, it has an impact resistance, so it has become a new packaging material developed quickly in China.


3. EPE Foam packing sheet is an environmentally friendly product


With the deepening of China's opening to the outside work, especially foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market, people have a higher demand for the product packaging. The packaging for product, not only for beautiful, generous, but also requires packaging products with green environmental protection, no waste and recycling, so as to be harmless to people's health. And EPE Foam packing sheet material is just to meet the requirements of environmental protection technology.


The EPE Foam packing sheet of our company has the high quality. We are the EPE foam manufacturer of China. We are specializing in research, development and production of EPE. If you are interested, we are very willing to receive your contact!