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Insulation effect of aluminum film EPE foam sheet

Release time: 2020-04-16


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Insulation effect of aluminum film EPE foam sheet

About the insulation effect of aluminum film EPE foam sheet and EPS foam, a lot of people in the selection of insulation materials will pay attention to a problem. The difference in the insulation effect has become a lot of people choose a big head. Today we will talk about the two before the insulation effect and principle with you.

aluminum film EPE foam sheet

First, you should know that what is the aluminum film EPE foam sheet and EPS foam.

Let’s talk about aluminum film EPE foam sheet first. It is made of polyethylene foam formation of numerous independent bubble structure made of different specifications of the pearl cotton, through a special process on the surface of the pearl cotton coated with aluminum foil, aluminum plating process is divided into with double-sided coating, coating and single page again to choose according to the use of the product demand, then the compound aluminum foil membrane of pearl cotton deep into different aluminum film EPE foam sheet products.

While EPS foam is composed of numerous foam particles after foaming expansion of polystyrene, which is deeply processed into different products and often exists in a fixed form. The common EPS foam is the foam we often say, and the foam is used for fixing the internal packaging of air conditioners and many electronic products.

In the insulation effect, under the condition of same thickness and density of aluminum film EPE foam sheet moisturizing effect than EPS foam, because the aluminum membrane for heat transfer with good shielding effect. At the same time, pearl cotton bubble structure and foam particles results, bubble density small grain density large relative to the lower heat transfer heat transfer efficiency of bubble, so the whole aluminium film EPE foam insulation effect than EPS foam.

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