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Come and see the right bodyboard for you!

Release time: 2020-03-20


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Come and see the right bodyboard for you!

Come and see the right bodyboard for you

For novice surfers, it is important to choose a good bodyboard that suits them. Read the following article and you will know more about bodyboard.

If you're a pure beginner surfer, it's best to ask your surfing friends to borrow a bodyboard or rent one. If you're new to surfing, it's best to forget about a small, stylish bodyboard, an expensive wet thermal suit or other gear. There are two good reasons. First, you may find that you don't like surfing. Second, for beginners, the right board is often not small and light at all.

For starters, the big board is more appropriate, as big as you can take. Understand? It is best to bring a board at least 8 feet in length, if more than 9 feet that is better. If you can get a foam texture, that's even better. Now in the Chinese market, you can also buy many beautiful long boards.

EPS bodyboard

At the beginning of your training, use a large, soft board (also known as a practice board) to ensure that you can catch waves more easily, and for the first few days you'll keep falling on the board or getting hit by it. So if you go to the beach, get a coach and make sure you can use a board. It's for your safety. Remember, surfing isn't just about chasing big waves like you see in the movies. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll really find yourself a gifted extreme surfer. But more often than not, surfing is a joy, allowing you to experience the ocean and nature in a safe way with friends.

Zhejiang Jianhua Group Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Zhejiang Province . specializing in research and development of EPS. Also, we do EPE production.

EPS has the advantages of light weight, convenient processing, good protection performance, wide adaptability, high quality and low price, and its good cushioning performance and vibration damping performance become the use of body board materials. The EPS material bodyboard is very durable and comfortable. In addition to these sizes 51epest offer, you can customize the size, shape, and pattern yourself. You can have your own customized EPS bodyboard.Wlcome to contact with us!