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The role of aluminum film foam sheet in construction

Release time: 2019-10-28


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The role of aluminum film foam sheet in construction

EPE aluminum film foam sheet is used as a room and interior decoration material. It is also widely used in storefronts and house decoration of commercial organizations, especially in the packaging, electromechanical engineering and engineering construction industries.

The EPE aluminum film foam sheet is made up of both pearl cotton and aluminum foil. Also called pearl cotton double aluminum film, aluminum foil waterproof felt, double aluminum film pearl cotton. EPE aluminum film foam sheet has waterproof, antifreeze, moisture proof , antifouling, non-toxic and environmental protection. 

What are the benefits of applying EPE aluminum film foam sheet in engineering buildings?

aluminum film foam sheet

Reduce the cost:

the higher the temperature inside the house, the more power the air conditioner operates in the hot summer. Assume that the summer outdoor temperature is 40°, and the indoor requirement is 24°. If such a month's electricity bill is high, a lot of resources are wasted, and the environment is polluted. The effect of EPE aluminum film foam sheet used as insulation material is very obvious. it can block the erosion of outdoor temperature in the room and can solve the unnecessary electricity and environmental protection.

Waterproof and antifouling effect

the wall surface of EPE aluminum film can prevent moisture from sticking to the wall surface, effectively protecting the value and function of the wall surface and the service life. Especially in rainy areas, the building is equipped with EPE aluminum film, which can protect the wall from moisture by completely blocking the aluminum foil!

The most important role of EPE aluminum film foam sheet in construction is that, despite the versatility of other materials, it plays an extremely important role in wall protection.

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