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Features of aluminum foil foam beach mat

Release time: 2020-04-17


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Features of aluminum foil foam beach mat

When you are on a beautiful beach or enjoying the beauty of nature, do you want a place to sit so as you can have a picnic, camp or sunbath? If you always think about this kind of scene, you must not miss the aluminum foil foam beach mat!


After read the following article about the features of aluminum foil foam beach mat, I believe you would buy one immediately.

 aluminum foil foam beach mat

1. Aluminum foil foam beach mat use aluminum foil ,some are also used EVA materials. Because of the high quality material of aluminum foil foam beach mat, it is durable enough. And durable material can be cleaned and used for long time


2. Aluminum foil foam beach mat can used for beach, camping, backpacking, and hiking. So it can heat preservation and heat insulation in order to protect from cold and moisture. It can give you enough warmth and comfort when sleeping.


3. Aluminum foil foam beach mat has light weight and can be carried easily. It can be folding or rolled up with an attached carry bag for easy storage and portability.


4. Aluminum foil foam beach mat is soft,anti-slip and waterproof, it will make you relax and comfortable.


Our company can offer you the aluminum foil foam beach mat with all above features. We do EPE production. All of the company's equipment has been introduced by Korea and has strong technical strength. It has been committed to the development and investment of new products based on market development and user demand for a long time. Just come and contact with us!