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The advantages of Shengtai foam tube

Release time: 2020-02-14


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The advantages of Shengtai foam tube
Contemporary young people's love for online shopping makes shipping packaging even more important. The emergence of EPE foam pipes not only replaced plastics, but also had stronger seismic performance. It is the first choice for protective packaging of jewellery crystal jewelry, glass ceramic products, high-grade leather bags, and precision electronic instruments.

Shengtai Plastic is the most professional pearl cotton production and sales manufacturer in Zhejiang Province. It has mature technology and many talents. It has multiple fully automated advanced production lines and can produce pearl cotton foam tubes with different specifications, different models and different functions.

The company is also an experienced direct sales foam factory. The products are factory direct sales, the price is affordable, and it provides services of ordering, selling, and customizing various types of foam pipes. Friends in need can understand.

Here are links to several different types of foam tubes that I hope will help you.