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Three major applications of Shengtai aluminum-plastic EPE products

Release time: 2019-10-21


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Three major applications of Shengtai aluminum-plastic EPE products

EPE pearl cotton has good flexibility and cushioning properties, low thermal conductivity and excellent heat insulation. 

It can be used to prevent electrostatic treatment and produce flame retardant products through processing.


Applicable to the packaging of IT, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware and electronics, advanced audio and video, precision instruments, high-end furniture and other products.

EPE products for Packaging material: EPE foam sheet, EPE foam mat, foam mat: baby play mat, beach and camping mat.

EPE pearl cotton has 30-40 times high forming products, light weight, certain firmness, fine bubble foam material, smooth appearance, coloring, beautiful effect, high foaming and excellent water resistance.

Make it very buoyant. The processability of cutting, bonding, extrusion, vacuum forming, compression molding, and the like is excellent, and the foamed material of the closed cells has almost no water-absorbent waterproof material.
EPE products for swimming material:swimming noodle,swimming noodle chair,EVA swimming toys,bodyboard,

EPE pearl cotton is not subject to corrosive and corrosion-resistant materials of various drugs, is not affected by various climatic conditions, and has excellent weather resistance. 

The foam of independent bubbles has good anti-vibration and anti-vibration effects.

EPE products for Building materials: aluminum film foam sheet, EPE foam insulation pipe.

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