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Insulation foam tube-the savior of experimental utensils

Release time: 2020-02-11


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Insulation foam tube-the savior of experimental utensils
Important experimental equipment such as electronic instruments, precision instruments, and optical instruments are expensive but fragile, and accidents are easy to occur during transportation. The emergence of thermal insulation pearl cotton foam tube has solved this problem.

EPE pearl cotton is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material and is the most suitable substitute for traditional plastic packaging materials, so the insulation pearl cotton foam tube based on EPE is of course an ideal shock-proof packaging material for precision laboratory appliances Transport can't be more suitable, and generally can guarantee the safe and secure transportation of precision laboratory equipment.

pearl cotton foam tube

Shengtai Plastic was originally a company that produces and sells EPE. It is also an experienced foam factory .The thermal insulation foam tube produced has lower thermal conductivity and better thermal insulation performance. It has outstanding waterproof and anti-corrosion capabilities. Size can also be changed according to customer requirements, as far as possible to meet customer requirements, to provide buyers with the most comprehensive service.