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How to choose a bodyboard?

Release time: 2020-01-21


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How to choose a bodyboard?

Galloping on the waves, the whole sea is at your feet, do you think such sports are very exciting, then hurry up and start surfing!

Before you go surfing, you must first have a suitable bodyboard, so how to choose bodyboard? For newbies, a large bodyboard is more suitable than a small one, and it would be perfect if you could add a foam texture. 


For the experienced, there is no need to blindly pursue small shortboards. Longboards, as classic and traditional styles in bodyboards, are still suitable for most surfing enthusiasts. On this basis, as long as you choose foam.

Shengtai Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional EPE manufacturer. It also develops bodyboard business on the basis of EPE. Therefore, Shengtai Plastic's surfboards are not only of different sizes and types, but also of high quality, comfortable and light,suitable for everyone who loves surfing! Hurry up

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