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Jianhua Group science and technology industrial park joint community fire drill

Release time: 2019-12-25


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Jianhua Group science and technology industrial park joint community fire drill

Recently, the park united hotel dai community organization members of the staff of the fire drill.

This drill hotel dai community leader for everyone to explain the fire common sense and escape skills, fire extinguisher operation, wear masks and so on;Then the park micro fire station security officers for everyone to use the fire equipment on-site display;Demonstration of the use of water gun hose, simulation of ignition, safety officers and employees of the park have participated in the fire drill.To improve the awareness of fire safety and fire fighting skills, so that the park enterprises have mastered the daily fire emergency rescue skills, but also from the thought and action to strengthen the community safety three rate, fire safety attention.Only when we strengthen the awareness of fire safety, find hidden dangers in advance to prevent the occurrence of fire, and grasp the essentials of emergency escape, can we truly prevent the fire before it occurs.

It not only improves the fire fighting skills and safety awareness of employees, but also enhances the cohesion between the park and other enterprises, enhances the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhances the communication among employees of member enterprises.