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Advantages of EPE transport foam tube

Release time: 2020-03-18


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Advantages of EPE transport foam tube

Now every day, we will receive different courier services and send other courier services. How can we guarantee the safety of the items during the transportation process? Especially for some fragile products, no matter how careful you are during transportation, there will inevitably be stumbling. How can you ensure that it will not break? Here I have to talk about the magic packaging of EPE foam tubes. With the packaged EPE foam tube, the incidence of item damage during transportation is much lower.

The advantages of protective EPE foam pipe are that it can reduce the overall price, low loss, energy saving, good insulation performance and long service life. Anti-static EPE foam tube can effectively reduce static electricity and avoid many technical problems that will occur in the production process. Protective EPE foam pipe has no other role, it is to protect the product. EPE's good shock absorption function makes the foam pipe more protective.
EPE transport foam tube
Shengtai Plastic is a professional foam tube manufacturer. The company has many types of foam tubes with different functions, such as: anti-static EPE foam tube, protective EPE foam tube, packaging EPE foam tube, EPE hollow foam tube. They have different shapes , The function is different, can meet the various requirements in transportation, to ensure the safety of the item, if the shape of the item is too strange, Sheng Tai also provides customized EPE foam tube service.