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EPE foam sheet

EPE foam is widly designed for inner packaging of the box or carton; Best material to be make by drawings customer supplied; Good flexibility and high density for turf mat and kneel mats; Thermal insulation resistance widly used in construction industry; Light weight cut the cost of the transportation; Cushion and shock-proof wide used for home appliance, glass ceramic, handicraft and so on.
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EPE foam sheet  has the advantages of good softness and cushioning, low thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation, and is not resistant to various chemicals.

EPE Foam packing sheet is a 30-40 times higher foamed molded product, which is lightweight and has a certain degree of sturdiness, while its high foaming and water resistance make it highly buoyant. Through processing, it can produce flame-retardant products.

Shengtai Plastic is an EPE foam sheet seller, which produces various foam boards and foam sheets to meet the various needs of customers.
EPE foam sheet
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