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Advantage of EPE foam packing sheet protection

Release time: 2020-04-21


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Advantage of EPE foam packing sheet protection

Nowadays, EPE Foam packing sheet is used more and more widely, from all kinds of household appliances to a small object. We can see that EPE Foam packing sheet has received a lot of customers love, so what is the advantage of EPE Foam packing sheet protection

 EPE Foam packing sheet

1. EPE Foam packing sheet has better performance than the traditional one.And EPE Foam packing sheet is used in packaging and other industrial materials. It has lower interest rate, higher grade, and it is beautiful and generous so that it has better effect. In addition, its agricultural and sideline products packaging wood more obvious its broad world.



2. EPE Foam packing sheet materials not only pay attention to have a good protection function. EPE Foam packing sheet does not have to open injection mold so it reduce the customer's information interest. It can be processed special-shaped packaging and also can also be cut section. More requirements of beautiful packaging and green environmental protection make EPE Foam packing sheet be the best choice to meet these conditions. With the advance of time and the development and application of outer packing products in factory from time to time, the material of EPE Foam packing sheet will be more widely used in packing and filling materials. After adding black antistatic agent and flame retardant, EPE Foam packing sheet shows its excellent performance. It is not only has beautiful appearance, but also has effectively eliminate static electricity and burning.


3. EPE Foam packing sheet is also used in a large number of the elastic lining of handbags, industrial production of sound insulation, heat insulation and so on. It has light weight, a certain degree of firmness. It is very soft and cushioned and it also has the low thermal conductivity, excellent insulation and waterproof properties.


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