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Swimming noodles protect children

Release time: 2019-12-11


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Swimming noodles protect children

"I use a swimming noodle tucked under a fitted sheet along the outer-side of my son's mattress to prevent
the drama and tears of him rolling out of bed. It's cheaper than a bed-guard but does exactly the

same job. "-Lauren Peacock, A mother of a three-year-old boy

swimming noodle protect kids

Originally, Swimming noodle is designed for children or adults who are beginning learning to swim.
However, the idea of this young mother led us to discover that Swimming noodle can also be used to protect the safety of children. Like Lauren Peacock
That said, Swimming noodle is cheap, easy to use, and can achieve the same effect. What are the vendors waiting for, grab the market of young mothers, and give
Children have one more layer of protection.

Moreover, Sheng Tai Plastic's EPE swimming noodle fully considers the development of children's imagination, and provides flower swimming noodles suitable for girls to play, animal swimming noodles that boys like.

Looking for China swimming noodle seller, we are your best choice.